This Week’s Meal Plan-Week of 1-11

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This Week's Menu 1-11

Happy Saturday!

Are you ready to get some much needed rest and relaxation? I hope you had a great week, and that the weather where you are wasn’t too cold!

It was pretty cold here for few days, thankfully I didn’t have to get out much. I’m kind of a wimp when it come to cold. Yes, I grew up in Maine. There’s a reason I don’t live there anymore!

I’m running a little bit behind in my menu planning this week. I really needed to have this post up last night so I could be at the grocery store right now! One of these days (weeks) I’ll get it right. I’ll have my meal plan made by Thursday, pick up groceries while my daughter is at ballet, get the post up by Friday and cook on Saturday.

One of these days.

Until then, I’ll have hectic Saturday mornings. I’m sure your Saturday mornings are much more pleasant.

Last week’s meal plan had to undergo some tweaks.

The day we were supposed to have Spiced Overnight Chicken, our pipes froze. Let me just say, it’s not easy to cook with no water. So, we got tacos at Blue Coast (our location makes hard shell flour tacos–YUM!)  and enjoyed every bite. Conveniently, it was family night so it was pretty cheap.

The Mini Meatloaves and Loaded Potato Bake turned into Mini Meatloaves (with barbecue instead of the way better sweet & sour glaze that I forgot to make), couscous, and glazed carrots. Why? Because I was thoroughly engrossed in getting this site ready to launch and dinner time crept up on me. Carrots and couscous are quicker and take no hands-on prep– and it was yummy, so it’s all good!

We ran out of peanut butter, so there went those snack ideas. And we just didn’t make a dessert. It takes a lot of work to launch a food blog; I was one busy girl! And we can live without dessert.

But that’s the beauty of a meal plan. If nothing else, it gives you a framework, a beginning point. If you have to make tweaks, so be it; at least you had somewhere to begin.

Here’s what I plan to cook this week. And here are are few notes about my meal plan:

  • My plans are flexible, things usually change as we go along. No worries; just rearrange as needed.
  • I might not necessarily cook the meals on the specific day they’re planned for. I assign each meal to a day for two reasons; to make sure each day is accounted for, and, some days need a particular type of meal, like a crock pot dish, etc. so I plan for that. I can change the days as we go to suit how reality strikes.
  • I don’t assign specific breakfasts and  lunches to specific days. I Just make a list of several options that will be available that week. Obviously if it’s a leftover it won’t be available until we’ve had that meal. (L) means leftover.
  • Sunday lunch shows up in the dinner list because it’s the larger, more significant meal of the day. We typically just do something very simple for dinner, which I include in the lunch list.
  • Come back often because I’ll try to add a post for anything I don’t currently have linked.

Saturday: Chicken tortilla pizzas

Sunday lunch: Enchiladas

Monday:Veggie-beef soup, grilled cheese sandwiches

Tuesday: Chicken & biscuits

Wednesday: Cream Cheese Chicken

Thursday: Beef Stew

Friday: Pizza after school play


Saturday: Dijon Chicken Sandwiches

Sunday dinner: Chicken Stir-Fry

Through the week:


Veggie-Beef Soup

Beans & Kielbasa


Pizza at tutorial

Breakfast choices:


Yogurt & Fuit

Eggs & Toast

Zucchini Bread



Date Squares

Graham Crackers & PB

Popcorn (not from a bag, more on that coming soon.)

Fruit Bars

Saturday Morning Freezer cooking session:

Enchiladas (which means I need to cook some black beans)

Zucchini Bread

Shredded BBQ Chicken

Smoothie Packets



Time for me to get some breakfast. What’s on your menu this week?


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