This Week’s Menu and our Maine Vacation

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It’s August 2, and that means it’s time to do week one of our Summer Menu. Just one more cycle for the summer menu and then we get ready for fall! Can you believe it? But let’s not get  ahead of ourselves, even if school is starting in some places, we still have a whole month of summer meals to enjoy!

Aug 3-9

But first, my humble apologies.
I was away last week and didn’t get a meal plan posted for you. As it turns out, you didn’t really miss much in the meal planning department. According to my Summer Meal Plan calendar, the week I missed would have been an extra week. I would have given you some ideas for meals and encouraged you to go back through the Summer Menu and make the meals you didn’t get to in previous weeks. So, if I had to miss a week, that was a good one to miss.

I still had every intention of doing it while on  vacation but I guess I was a bit over zealous.
We went to Maine for our annual visit with my family. Sometimes we actually have a bit of down time so I figured I could at least get a meal plan posted! I did manage to post a recipe for these yummy cookies though. Click the image for the  recipe. Mini Fruit Pizza--delicious summer-time treat www.eatbetterspendless.comBut right about the time I may have been able to get a meal plan together, it was time to head to camp.

Where there is no internet.

Did you know a person can survive for 5 days with absolutely no internet? Not even excruciatingly slow internet!

Not even a radio.

Lambert Lake, Maine

Just the forlorn call of the loons on the lake.

Kids PlayingCollage

And the sound of my children enjoying the company of their many cousins.

TubingAnd a boat motor. (And some joyfully screaming kids… the “thumbs-up” means “go faster!”)

Our Maine VacationThe shooting got a little bit loud at times.

Our Maine VacationAnd then there’s the train. (Which sometimes comes in the middle of the night. You don’t even want to know what that sounds like!)

It was great to unplug for a while and to catch up with the family.

But we’re back now, and reality has set in, and it’s time to get some meals planned and groceries bought.

Here’s what we’re having this week:

Remember, the meals in orange are linked to a recipe.

Fish With Mango Salsa and White Beans  * The meal plan at this link includes couscous as the side. In my effort to serve less wheat, I’ve switched the side to white beans. I just lightly brown some onion in a small frying pan and add a can of white beans. Simple and delicious.

Lemon-shrimp Bow-tie pasta

Beef with Broccoli

Chef salad, Garlic bread

Homemade Pizza 

Taco Salad

Rotisserie Chicken, Tortellini salad

And I need your help in deciding what’s for dessert. I’m torn. I’m in the mood for some lemon raspberry layer cake, sounds nice and summery. But, this past week while I was visiting with my aunt, I asked her about a peanut butter bar (with chocolate of course) that she used to make. She gave me the recipe and now I want to make those too. But I try to only make one dessert a week. So, which do you want to see a recipe for? Tell me in the comments!


*** Update***

I made the peanut butter bars and they were a huge hit, with us and our neighbors!
click the pic for the recipe
Peanut Butter Bars


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