Braided Danish Ring

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This is such a beautiful and wonderful tasting bread, I just had to share it with you, even though I did nothing to create/enhance/ tweak/ or otherwise add value to the recipe. (Which is also why I decided not to actually publish the recipe, but I’ll give you the link.) OK, I did change the name. The original recipe calls it Cinnamon Roll Twist. But it really doesn’t taste like a cinnamon roll so I changed it. I think it tastes more like a danish.You can find a link to the recipe at the bottom of the post. (I really want you to look at these pictures so you can be as miserable as I am, wishing for just a bite!)

Beautiful and delicious; easy to make and great for gift-giving.

It makes a beautiful gift.

Not that I’d really know from experience because we ate ours.

Both of them.

Yes, it makes two.

Yes, you can totally freeze one (or both) right before the baking step.

Yes, it comes out exactly like the one you baked on the first day.

I thought it was the responsible thing to keep them both so I could report back about how they do after being frozen.

Maybe next year I’ll make a few and actually give one some away!

Braided Danish Ring-Step OneHere are some of the steps in Step One. Don’t worry, your bread won’t be lumpy! And no one will suspect there’s potato in it.

Braided Danish Ring-Step Two

If you’ve ever made bread, you know the warm glow of sweet triumph that comes into your heart the minute you remove that cloth and you see this! Soft, beautifully risen dough.  Oh the bliss! I could just stop right here and feel successful.

Oh, but then we’d miss out on that almost heavenly smell of freshly baking bread. I think there would be a lot less stress in the world if we could all smell fresh baked bread at least once a week.

Braided Danish Ring-Step ThreeI had dried cranberries so that’s what I used. I think I missed the part about the pecans. That or I just didn’t want them. Really. Nuts in your bread?

The cranberries added just a nice, slightly sweet flavor. They sort of played a supporting role; simple beauty and balanced flavor. I’m sure the other fruits, or a mix of them, would be wonderful as well.

Braided Danish Ring-Step 4It’s not as complicated as it may look. The dough behaves very well and the “braid” is easier to make than I thought it would be. Be careful to make your rectangle pretty close the the measurements in the recipe, so your finished braid will fit nicely into your pan. (I was totally lucky because I didn’t really do that, I just made 2 rectangles and viola! It worked.)

Braded Danish RingI baked mine with this little custard cup, about half full of water. In the second one I used balled up tin foil to see if that would work, just incase you don’t have custard cups. I’m happy to report, it worked just fine. Spray the foil a little with cooking spray so the bread doesn’t stick to it. When it’s done, just use any kind of small cup for the glaze. (Which, incidentally, you do not want to skip!)

Braided Danish RingSee what I mean? Total yumminess. And you can even call it breakfast.
This is completely unfair because now I want a piece!

If you want to make it ahead and freeze it, here’s how:

Get it to the point of having the braid done. Then you can either go ahead and put it in the pan and freeze it that way, or, what I did was just wrap the braid (still in a log shape) and freeze it like that. I don’t remember why. Maybe I didn’t have another pan at the moment. Maybe I was going to bake it in that shape. hard to say at this point. Don’t forget to label it with some thawing/baking directions.

Anyway, I wanted it for breakfast so I thawed it overnight. I took off the tin foil and plastic  wrap I had it wrapped  in and covered it with a tea towel so it would have room to rise but not dry out. In the morning it was ready to pop in the oven.

Here’s the link to the recipe I used. Cinnamon Roll Twists

You could probably use any home made roll recipe, just be sure that it will yield about the same amount of dough so your braids will still be the right size for the pan.

And as usual, you must come back and let me know if you made this, send me a pic on facebook!


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    All I can say is yum! It is 9pm and I am wondering how I can make this before I go to bed….. I *need* it! Thank you so much for sharing your recipe with Delicious Dish Tuesday. We hope you come back week after week! Feel free to add the DDT button to your post or link directly to Mary’s DDT post so others know where to link up :)

    • says

      Amanda, you have to try it, it’s so yummy, and not too sweet like a lot of these types of breads can be.
      I don’t know what I did wrong with the link, you’re right, it should have been a direct link to the link-up. I went in and fixed it. Thanks for pointing that out.


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