15 Minute Meals: Week 2

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Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve done weekly meal planning. I switched back to monthly meal planning after getting frustrated about how often I was skipping doing it weekly. It’s amazing how quickly a week goes by and it’s time to sit down and make another plan. I’d rather just focus and get it done for the whole month, or season actually, which is how I do it.

But it’s different right now. As I explained in this post, I’m extra busy right now working on a big project. So it’s “Operation One Armed Paper Hanger”, which means quick and easy meals.

15 Minute Meals- Week 2

I still have a few more things in my freezer from our Winter Menu, so we’ll start with those. Each of the meals for this week should take 15 minutes of hands-on prep time, even if you don’t have some items in the freezer. I have chili in the freezer but it really only takes a few minutes to throw it together and let the flavors come together in a crock pot while you go about your day.

And it’s finally getting warmer so we’ve got to get those soups and Chili eaten before no one wants soup! Soon it will be time to trade the soups in for a nice big green salad!

So here’s my OAPH Meal Plan (click that link to see what that means.) for this week:

Hearty, Easy, Cheap, and Very Freezer-Friendly!
Veggie-Beef Soup
Easy Slow Cooker Barbecue BeefCreamy, Sweet, Tangy coleslaw. A perfect side dish for barbecue. www.eatbetterspendless.com
BBQ beef,  white beans, Aple-Cranberry Slaw

Wheat Free Salmon PattiesSo moist and you don't have to remember to cook the potatoes an hour before dinner!
Salmon patties, crock pot sweet potatoes

Easy to make and not too spicy, the kids will love it!Whole Grain Corn Muffins
Chili, Cornbread Muffins

Sausage With Potatoes & Grilled Onion; Simple to make and satisfying to eat!
Kielbasa & Potatoes

Not pictured
Mexican Chicken & Rice bowls–recipe coming soon.


What’s for lunch and breakfast? (Notice how I sort of work backwards? No explanation for that, it’s just a quirk I guess.)

Again, lunches will include leftovers, we’ll have Been & Cheese Quasadillas, and probably Tortellini Salad again.

Why Tortellini salad again? It’s kind of our Friday go-to. My daughter takes it to her homeschool tutorial with her on Fridays because it’s a cold lunch that doesn’t smell bad (like tuna or egg salad) and it’s easy to have the ingredients on hand. Fresh sandwich meat is another story. Anyway, school was cancelled because of ice so we didn’t have it last week, but we’d probably have it again anyway because it works so well for a school lunch. She makes enough for both of us, which is nice for me. It’s my one day a week to work on this blog while my kids are away for 4 hours. It’s great to not have to stop working to make lunch!


Breakfast will include egg and cheese sandwiches and smoothies.

For dessert I’m going to try to find a good recipe for Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies. If I succeed, you’ll see the recipe next week!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I know you won’t make this exact menu, but I do hope that these ideas and recipes have been helpful to you as you plan your week. Remember, meal planning is very likely your biggest money saver when it comes to reducing your food budget. For even more ideas on reducing your grocery budget,  check out click here.

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  1. Cheryl Rizzuto says

    I did find a great oatmeal choc chip cookie recipe.
    They were called Cowboy cookies. I found them in a book called Fix, Freeze, Feast, Meals for a Busy Family by Martha Stone. She even gave tips on freezing them. They have been a hit where every I have taken them.

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