This Week’s Menu: 1/18/14

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This Week's Menu: 1-18Well as usual, this week went by way faster than I anticipated. I read somewhere that time is actually going faster than it once did and that’s why we old people feel like there are only 250 days between Christmases. I don’t know about that, I think it’s because we tend to be so very busy that time just flies. Hopefully it’s flying because we’re having some fun too!

So, ready or not, it’s time for another meal plan! (Unless your family has decided not to eat this week, in which case, can we trade for a few days?)

Last week went okay, even with a few twists and turns.

Sunday night we were going to have stir-fry. I even had the chicken thawed and ready to go. But then we got that fateful call from a friend. The one inviting us to eat pizza with them–for a good cause. A mutual homeschooling friend was working toward getting his Eagle Scout badge and was doing a fund raiser to raise money to build a playground! Wow! How can you not honor that kind of drive by going to get some pizza?

C&J-cowboys Besides, Josiah, who took a very late impromptu nap and woke up very grouchy, got to see his best friend. (And he loves pizza!) All was well with the world then!

So the chicken went back into the fridge and we went out for pizza. Which meant we needed to eat that chicken within the next day or two. So,I rearranged things a bit and instead of Beef Stew we had the stir-fry and then moved the other meals around. Don’t try to understand, it’s complicated. Just know that we did indeed eat, and it was mostly what I had planned, just not in that order. (Hey, as long as there’s food, right?) And I’m so proud of myself for not letting that chicken go bad because of the change of plans. You know that’s a great way to save $, right? Making sure you don’t waste the food you buy? Yes. Very important. If you’re good at that , give yourself two extra points!

I tried a few new smoothies this week, I’ll be posting about those throughout the coming week.

And we didn’t make a single dessert again this week. At this rate I hope to at least stop gaining weight! Perhaps we’ll make something special this week.

Perhaps not.

Okay, you came here looking for some ideas so here we go: Here’s what we’re having… or a close representation of what we might have, anyway!

And as usual, here are are few notes about my meal plan:

  • My plans are flexible, things usually change as we go along. No worries; just rearrange as needed.
  • I might not necessarily cook the meals on the specific day they’re planned for. I assign each meal to a day for two reasons; to make sure each day is accounted for, and, some days need a particular type of meal, like a crock pot dish, etc. so I plan for that. I can change the days as we go to suit how reality strikes.
  • I don’t assign specific breakfasts and  lunches to specific days. I Just make a list of several options that will be available that week. Obviously if it’s a leftover it won’t be available until we’ve had that meal. (L) means leftover.
  • Sunday lunch shows up in the dinner list because it’s the larger, more significant meal of the day. We typically just do something very simple for dinner, which I include in the lunch list.
  • Come back often because I’ll try to add a post for anything I don’t currently have linked.


Saturday: Baked Deli Sandwiches, Veggies & dip

Sunday lunch: Mexican chicken casserole

Monday: Tilapia w/Mango salsa, couscous, green beans

Tuesday: BBQ beef, white beans, coleslaw

Wednesday: Turkey Kielbasa w/ beans & whole wheat biscuits

Thursday: Autumn Chicken Stew

Friday: Fajitas


(Joe brings leftovers to work whenever possible.)

Saturday: Pizza-filled Rolls

Sunday dinner: Smoothies… popcorn… whatever you can find in the fridge…

Through the week:

Mexican chicken casserole

Baked Potatoes with Broccoli and Cheese

Pizza Quesadillas

Pinto Beans with Mango Salsa (leftover from Tilapia night)

Cheese Pizza (my kids get cheese pizza every Friday at their homeschool tutorial. I find something in the fridge or freezer.)


Breakfast choices:


Overnight Oatmeal (I’ll post a recipe as soon as I locate the pics!)

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Eggs & Toast

PB Toast and a banana


Energy Bites

Cinnamon Sticks


Fruit & nuts

Crackers & Cheese

Saturday Morning Freezer cooking session:

I’m taking this Saturday off from freezer cooking. I know! It feels weird just saying it! My immediate thought was “Well maybe I could just make one or two things…” But the deal is, I need to get some behind-the- scenes work done on this site. And my freezer is pretty full. And by pretty full I mean really full. So it needs a break anyway.

But that doesn’t let you off the hook! What can you whip up this weekend that will make your coming week just that much easier?
How about some biscuits, or maybe some enchiladas?

If you do some freezer cooking this weekend, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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Have a blessed week!

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