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Welcome, I’m so glad you stopped by! Whether you’re just looking for an idea for dinner, a recipe for fluffy biscuits, or you need to take a more dedicated approach to improving your family’s diet while saving money on your food expenses, you’ve found the right place.

Recently I came to the painful realization that I’ve sort of dropped the ball when it comes to providing healthy and satisfying (as well as affordable) meals for my family. We were eating out more often than I’d like, and even when we ate at home, I had fallen into a boring rut with my cooking. I really was a woman without excuse; I had already written a book about using coupons without getting overwhelmed, a few cookbooks, and even a meal planning system! Something about having a very (VERY) high-maintenance baby had pulled me off track. But he’s five now and actually almost an easy kid now. I’ve decided  it’s time to get back to eating better and spending less. I’ve been learning these skills and strategies over the course of the last 22+ years and I’m excited to share them with you.

Eating better means eating food that is healthier as well as food that just plain tastes better!   Saving money refers to your actual grocery expenses as well as what you spend eating out. And there are many ways to cut down on both, and not only will you not feel like you’re missing out, you’ll love the food your’e eating.

Add a tasty twist to your grilled cheese!

(Why stop for take out when you could have these sandwiches?)

You’re certainly welcome to dive right in and start checking things out. But if you’re like me, you like to know what you’ve just gotten yourself into. So, here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll find here at Eat Better Spend Less.

I know what your’e thinking.
You’re thinking I’m about to tell you that you need to start clipping coupons and going to at least six stores every. single. week. And you’re pretty sure you’re about to spend $45.00 on a fabulous, fail-proof coupon binder (after you’ve spent the same number of hours deciding if you want to do a box, a notebook, cut the coupons, don’t cut the coupons, blah, blah, blah).  Have no fear. Even though I did write a book on using coupons to save money without spending way too much time, I’m not going to talk a lot  about coupons on this site.

*If coupon shopping  is a strategy you’d like to try out, you’ll definitely need some assistance. Let me recommend my book It’s Me Or The Coupons and my favorite coupon sites.

Money Saving Mom

Faithful Provisions

You’ll find all you need on these sites, from a list of current grocery and drug store  deals and how to “work them” to get the most for your money, to a community of readers to encourage you and share ideas with. (If you do decide to visit these sites, I’d love for you to leave a comment letting them know I sent you.)

By now you might be wondering…

If not couponing, then what? 

There are lots of ways to eat better and spend less. You can read about many of them here in my free book; 16 Strategies to Eat Better and Spend Less.

For the most part though, we’ll be focusing on meal planning, freezer cooking, and having a nice assortment of recipes. Of course we’ll do some seasonal cooking too, just for the fun of it.

I’m confident you’ll find lots of helpful tips, great recipes, and money saving strategies here at Eat Better Spend Less. I hope you’ll enjoy your time here, and come back often. Just so you don’t forget, we’d love to have you join our mailing list. (When you sign up you’ll get the free book I just mentioned.)