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Happy New Year!

I hope you experienced extravagant  blessings and The Lord’s peace this Christmas.

I had a restful time visiting relatives and now I’m ready to get back to work. I’m excited about the opportunities this new year is bringing. Thomas Edison reminds us that opportunity is “dressed in overalls and looks like work”. So, I’m getting myself in gear and getting ready for a year full of opportunity, work, and abundant life.

First up is a new series I’m writing for you called Meal Planning 101. (I never claimed to be highly creative with blog series titles. But hey, you don’t have to wonder what it’s about, right?)

This website exists for one purpose; to help homemakers create systems that will help them make healthy and yummy meals for their families, and stick their food budget through it all. I believe that having a meal plan is the most significant way to save money on food costs while serving healthy and varied meals and snacks. <<Tweet that)

Meal planning can be as simple as sitting down and writing a list of meals for the week and then the ingredients you need for each. It can get sophisticated and involve a different meal plan for each season of the year. It can land somewhere in the middle, changing and adapting as you go along.

This series will introduce you not only to the “why” of meal planning but the “how”. We’ll explore different strategies as well as helpful resources. If you’re new to meal planning, a meal planning drop-out (like a certain blogger we all know and love) or even if you’re faithful to meal planning, this series is sure to help you along in your quest to Eat Better and Spend Less.

I’ll list and link the posts here as they go live. Be sure and check back often to see the next post.

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Here are the articles in the series:

The Many Benefits Of Meal Planning

What If I Don’t Have Time To Make A Meal Plan?




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