Who I Am: Meet Beth Cranford

Hi, I’m Beth Cranford, very blessed wife of one, and mother of two.

Beth Cranford-About me-www.eatbetterspendless.com

I was raised in rural Maine by loving parents, along side two brothers and two sisters (and various stray pets that adopted us as their own). I now live in TN with my husband of 22 years, our two kids, a dog and a cat–who, incidentally, match because of their coloring. (I’m not a big pet lover, but  my family loves them and I can see that the house may be a bit lonelier without them… maybe.).

I’m proud to say that I have my dad’s sarcastic and witty sense of humor  and my mom’s gift of empathy and her sense of organization and commitment to excellence. My biggest claim to fame and my highest source of joy, peace, and courage is that I am a daughter of the king! A princess, purchased with the blood of Christ. 

It’s my heart to help moms have smoother dinner times, provide healthy and delicious meals for their family, and stick to a food budget. I’d love for you to join us here at eat better spend less. To learn more about what you’ll find here click this link.  To be sure and get updates each time I post a new recipe or other goodie, click here to join my mailing list (and get a free e-book)