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Along with a detailed grocery list and a written strategy, there are a few supplies you’ll want to make sure you have. Don’t worry, it’s nothing like getting ready for a school play or a science fair; just a few key items and you’re good to go.

Of course you’ll need appropriate cookware and utensils, I assume you have what you need for the actual cooking process. Something to keep in mind though, is that you may need larger pieces of cookware than what you have for cooing large batches of meat,etc.

Maybe an extra Crock Pot
Perhaps you can borrow one from a neighbor if you want to make more than one Crock Pot dish in one day.

More than one set of measuring spoons and cups.
You’ll want to stop and wash dishes in between each recipe, or group of recipes, but you’ll probably still need more than one of each. I like to keep a set of each (cups and spoons) for dry ingredients and a set for wet.

Tin foil pans from the dollar store.
I know you may be bothered by the idea of using disposable pans. But remember, cooking for the freezer is going to keep you out of the drive thru. I can assure you that more is happening to hurt the planet at that drive thru than your family using a few tin foil pans. Also, you may need to weigh your priorities. Yes, the planet is important, but it’s way more important for you to have healthy meals ready for your family and for you to have time to spend with them that you would otherwise be spending washing dishes. So go buy some cheap tin pans at the dollar store and know you’re doing a good thing.

Good freezer bags; gallon and quart sizes
My favorite bags are  Publix brand. I personally don’t like double zip (too hard to get them zipped correctly) or the bags with the actual zipper. I use bags far more often than I use the foil pans. Mostly because I don’t do a lot of whole-meals that would need to be frozen in the baking pan. And because freezer bags, when you freeze them flat, take up a lot less space.

A Sharpie
I keep one in the drawer where I keep my freezer bags. That way when I make something during the week that needs to be frozen I can quickly label it. I can not over stress the importance of labeling your food. You may want to include thawing and reheating/cooking instructions, but at the very least, promise me you’ll write what’s in the bag! Trust me, you do not want to bake batch of cookies only to find a cookie sheet full of meat balls in your oven!


See? That wasn’t so bad. Just a few supplies and your’e on your way to a freezer full of wonderful food. Come back tomorrow and we’ll talk about making your shopping list.

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