Enchilada Quesadillas

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May I confess something to you?
Sometimes I’m jealous of my husband.
You see, sometimes at work he gets to go out for a nice lunch. Usually while I sit home and eat peanut butter sandwiches or leftover spaghetti. (Which I do not like leftover.)

But I haven’t told him that I’m jealous, because jealousy is so very unattractive. Besides, if anyone should be  jealous it should be him, on those cold winter mornings when he has to scrape ice off his car and go to work in the dark while I snuggle with our small child under warm blankets.
So yeah, I won’t complain (out loud anyway) about his lunch.

Enchilada Quesadillas--cheesy, crunchy, good for you!  Pamper yourself for lunch!
But no one ever said I couldn’t have a delicious lunch! (And still get to snuggle in the warm covers on a cold morning!)

I know I’m easily thrilled but I have to say, I feel pretty privileged when I have these quesadillas for lunch. If we happen to have some salsa and avocado in the house that’s even better, but not required.

The great thing about these is that you make the filling ahead and freeze it. Then you can use it for either Cheesy Enchiladas or, these amazing quesadillas.
And there’s no sayin’ you can’t serve these for dinner. I just like to have a “grown up” lunch once in a while and this is a “go-to”.

So, how do I make them?
First, click over and follow this recipe for the enchilada filling.
You can go ahead and make a few pans of enchiladas and freeze them, then use some of the filling for quesadillas. Don’t you love those “one recipe, many dishes” kind of meals? Me too!

It’s pretty easy. Simply put about 1/2 cup of your filling onto 1/2 of a tortilla. (This one was whole grain and it actually got nice an crispy, much to my delight!) Fold the empty side over the filling and transfer to a hot grill pan.

I love the grill marks I get when I use a grill pan, but if you don’t have a grill pan, it’s totally fine to use a large skillet–do not use any kind of oil, just a dry skillet. However, let me just say, I have two cast iron grill pans and they both get a lot of use. Here is the one you see in this picture, and here is my other one.

Enchilada Quesadillas--Cheesy, crunchy, and good for you! Pamper yourself for lunch!
Remember, when you make the filling, you will have also made a few dinners, so it’s a total win! Go make some and tell me how you liked them!

Here’s the link again to make the Cheesy Enchilada filling. From there it’s just: put some filling on half a tortilla, fold tortilla, place on a hot grill pan. Flip when golden brown. Call your husband and tell him you’re having an awesome lunch.


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    I used to feel jealous when my husband would travel on business because I knew he’d be having maid service and eating out every meal, etc., while I was home taking care of kids and laundry and trash. Jealousy is definitely unattractive, especially when we see it in ourselves. But yes, we can find ways to counter it with gratitude for what we do have. Your quesadillas look delicious!

    • says

      Aw, thanks Alice! That means a lot. I’ve been working on my photography skills this summer. I’d love to offer food photography services to bloggers who want great photos for their recipe posts but don’t have the time. (I’m sure you know how much time can go into a good food photo!)

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