What We’re Eating: Week of 1/4/14

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What We're Eating (My menu plan)

Wow! Where did Christmas and vacation and New Year’s Eve go?

I can’t believe It’s already time to be in the swing of another new year.

New schedules made. Goals planned out. Tree taken down. Returns made from Christmas. Homeschool materials chosen and purchased… and loosely scheduled. Budget revised and balanced. Business planner created and filled in. Fridge cleaned out.

(And then she woke up…)

Well, the fridge is cleaned out anyway.

All that other stuff is still screaming for my attention. I’ll get to it, little by little.

I have to remind myself that it always takes me a little while to get fully ramped up for the new year. I mean really. There’s only one day between the old year and the new. (Well not really, but since we usually take New Year’s Eve off we’ll call that the day in between.) One cannot revamp one’s life in one day!

I know. The new year comes on the same day every year. I could start these things earlier. But I’d have to do it in like, September. And who wants to plan a new year in September? I’ll just stick to using the first week of January.

Anyway, I do have one thing ready, and that’s a meal plan.

And I have you to thank. I wanted to get it done so I could publish it here. I hope this helps you in some way. Whether you get some ideas for meals, want to just copy my plan, or even if it just inspires you to get your meal plan made. Don’t let meal planning overwhelm you. Just do it for a week. It’s just seven meals. (Then save your plan to use again in several weeks.)

Here’s what I plan to cook this week. And here are are few notes about my meal plan:

  • My plans are flexible, things usually change as we go along. No worries; just rearrange as needed.
  • I might not necessarily cook the meals on the specific day they’re planned for. I assign each meal to a day for two reasons; to make sure each day is accounted for, and, some days need a particular type of meal, like a crock pot dish, etc. so I plan for that. I can change the days as we go to suit how reality strikes.
  • I don’t assign specific breakfasts and  lunches to specific days. I Just make a list of several options that will be available that week. Obviously if it’s a leftover it won’t be available until we’ve had that meal. (L) means leftover.
  • Sunday lunch shows up in the dinner list because it’s the larger, more significant meal of the day. We typically just do something very simple for dinner, which I include in the lunch list.
  • Come back often because I’ll try to add a post for anything I don’t currently have linked.


Sat: Chowder

Sunday Lunch: Stuffed Shells, Garlic Bread

Monday: Overnight Spiced Chicken, Cheesy Potatoes, Limas with Bacon

Tuesday: Sour Cream Noodle Bake, Cheesy Garlic Bread, Salad

Wednesday: Mini Meat Loaves, Loaded Potato Bake

Thursday: Salmon Patties, Beans, Broccoli  & Cheese.

Friday: Pizza  (using this dough)

Lunches Choices:

(L) chowder, stuffed shells, noodle bake, cheeseburgers (extra from Friday night)

bean & cheese quesadillas, (using these beans) chef salad

Breakfast choices:

Eggs & Bagel Thins

Overnight Oatmeal

Strawberry Lemon Muffins


PB Toast & Bananas

Breakfast Pockets


PB & Banana Rice Cake

Grapes & Cashews

Fruit & Nut Bar (Simply Nature from Aldi… yum!)


Cheese & crackers


Well, I was going to make this Sticky Toffee Pudding for New Year’s Eve but the day turned lazy and I skipped it. Maybe I’ll make it this week. If not we’ll just whip up some chocolate chip cookies. And Josiah just informed me that he’d like to make Krispy treats. So we’ll probably do that.

Now go make your meal plan!


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