Simplifying Thanksgiving: Free Planner/Cookbook

Simplifying Thanksgiving: A Free Planner and Cookbook

Do you need to simplify Thanksgiving?   If so I have  gift for you. (Keep reading, I’ll be brief.) Through the years, our family has done Thanksgiving differently depending on where we were living at the time. Sometimes I’d cook for us and my whole side of the family (around 30 people).  Sometimes we lived… 

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Menu For July 20-26

Meal Plan for July 20-26

I’m so confused right now! I’m sitting here in Tennessee, (oppressively hot Tennessee)  in the middle of July, writing a post about the meals we’re planning this week. You know, summer meals; light, cool, nothing that heats up the house … And I’m wearing a sweater! It’s unseasonably cool here. People are joking about getting their… 

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