Affiliate Dislosure

Out of courtesy to you, and compliance with the law, I need to disclose to you that some of the product links on this web site  are what is referred to as affiliate links. This simply means that anytime a reader chooses to use a link from my site to  purchase a product, I will earn a small commission on that sale.

What does this mean to me?

Well, it means I get to keep working on this site. My heart for this site is to help busy moms experience smoother evenings by taking the stress out of dinner time.  While blogging is not a terribly expensive business, it certainly isn’t free.   The affiliate links for products you find on this site are what helps it to “earn its keep”.

What does that mean to you as a reader/ consumer?

Nothing really. The links provided will bring you directly to the site of the owner of the product you are buying. You will be buying the product from them, through a link that will track the sale to my site. This means you’ll get the exact same product, service, and price as if you had gone directly to their site.

You can rest assured and know that the only product or services I will ever promote will be those that I believe are of high quality and will be useful to you.

If you do “hear” about a product or publisher/ writer on this site, and decide to make a purchase,  I would be grateful if you would go ahead and use the links provided here. Not only does it generate a small income, but it gives me an idea of how well I’m meeting your needs. If a reader goes directly to the publisher to buy a product, I will never know that the introduction to that product was useful. When purchases are made through my links I can see what you are interested in and what things you are finding to be helpful.

Thanks for reading all the way through this little disclaimer. I know there are more interesting things to do.

Blessings to you, and enjoy your stay!